New Facebook graph search only works if you have facebook

Mark Zuckerberg, founder and CEO of Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg. He’s not my friend on Facebook (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Have you read about the new graph search engine in Facebook? It sounds quite awesome. It can find stuff that your friends like and tell you if your friends like dogs. I want to know if my friends like dogs because I like dogs and I don’t like people who don’t. Like dogs.

So imagine my outrage when I found out it can only be used by people who have a facebook account. I don’t have a Facebook account: I used to have one but then I got locked out of it and it kept asking me if I recognized these people in the photos and I had never seen them before in my life! And then they said “how about you answer your secret question” so I go and say “OK” and the secret question is: “what am I thinking right now?” So I answer “how to get back my facebook account” and I get locked out.

It’s like these Captcha things people keep putting in webpages, I can never figure out what they say!

So anyway now I have no facebook but I’m really curious about which of my friends have facebook and I want to ask the graph search that but it turns out I can’t because of some elitist rule.

I am really really mad, so mad I would unfriend Mark Zuckerberg if he was my friend and I had a Facebook.

Also I keep e-mailing Facebook for help at their address and haven’t gotten a single reply. So much for customer service.

So I will not be using the graph search anytime soon and will try to join linkedin instead, if they let me.

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